Our History


DIGBY arrives in Porto by Casa da Comida hand. With you for 40 years, Casa da Comida is a demanding and qualified atelier, which preserves with innovation the art of eating, at your table brings the Portuguese gastronomic culture, our products and above all, our flavors Recreated in each dish.


In common with the Torel Avant Garde, we have Art and Design as an inspiring source, here Sir Kenelm Digby gave us the name and involved us with the expression of his art, was emblematic and distinctive figure of the 17th century English philosopher, gourmet philosopher , intellectual, member of the private consul of King Charles I of England.


He has published several articles in aristocratic magazines highlighting the writing of a cookery book, "The Closet of Eminently Learner SIR Kenelm Diged KT Open".


Here reflects his art, once considered the father of the wine bottle, the typical translucent green bottle, resistant and stable in the format that surrounds us and wraps inside the hotel. It was produced from 1630 in his glass factory, and is used and identified by all of us to this days.


It is, therefore, a tribute to the Artist who expresses himself in our space, baptizing us with the name and through his work. Transporting us to a world where wine is the protagonist, and acts on a stage in the river, among castes with profile and Regions of wine of expression in Portuguese territory, which has the Green Wine Demarcated Region as the queen of a Special song.


When you sit down at a table in the Casa da Comida house, know that we have your most exquisite sensibility, without which our "art" have no destination or justification.


Art in the flavors

Featuring the following range of services, we invite you to try:

Our Business Menu for lunch from Monday to Friday with a special price, ideal for a quick lunch, whether with family or business;

At dinner with tasting menus and options "à la Carte"  we promise to impress;

On weekends the Brunch, with hot dishes and several options of eggs prepared at the moment, between 12.00 and 15.00;

A snack or a drink with our Bar menu, where we highlight our sirloin steak sandwich and “Francesinha”, or the classic and signature cocktails.

Our "tea time" from 4pm until 7.30p , a premium tea with delicious scones, homemade pastries and toast accompanied by our jams.

We also invite you to visit our event room and group menus, prepared and customized accordingly to your needs.

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