Crustaceans and bivalves soup
Cold melon soup and white port
Sea bass ceviche
Roasted vegetables mille-feuille
Crisp cheese and fresh salad
Shrimp salad, avocado and mango vinaigrette
Pickled Partridge
Citrus-flavored mackerel
Terrine of foie gras, blueberry soup and sweet tomato
Octopus shellfish

Prawn and shrimp, seaweed pasta and garlic purée.

Monkfish with clams

Mashed potatoes, caramelized onions and snap peas.

Roasted snapper, xerem and beet
Carabineiro and sea bass

Choco Ink Risotto and crispy cassava.

Cod confit, Portuguese curing

Fake olives caviar, grain pie and turnip greens.

"Portuguese style" steak tenderloin

Steak fries, low-temperature yolk and crispy smoked ham.

Guinea fowl stuffed with “alheira”

Puree of peas, potatoes and pak choi.

Lamb rack

Leek Puree, mushrooms and wild berries sauce.

Pork in two textures

  Pork tenderloin in wine Port sauce and low temperature pork hock terrine.

Our "Francesinha"

DIGBY and Casa da Comida together in a singular creation.

Old fashioned egg pudding

Yogurt ice cream and pineaple carpaccio.

Walnut and almond brownie

Wild fruit ice cream.


Coffee ice cream and sweet eggs.

Creamy caramel

Nougat, grapefruit and mandarine sorbet.

Lavender Panna cotta

Port Wine and cereal biscuit.

Macerated fruit pie and pennyroyal ice cream
Ice cream selection

Flavours on request.

Fresh fruit selection

Seasonal and tropical fruit.

Cheese Selection

Toasts and jams.

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