Flavours. Flavours. Flavours.

Our cuisine focuses on Portuguese dishes and flavours, and we change the menu as the seasons change - in order to always be able to offer the best that mother nature has to offer. Some of our fresh vegetables come from the garden of Casa da Madalena da Canossa, a convent school next to our hotel. In this way, we are able to offer our clients seasonal and fresh ingredients and in return, our chef cooks with the children, and we also support the Casa in other ways. This is a unique cooperation with the local community that is dear to our heart. Our offerings include brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and lunch and dinner every day.


Travel the Portuguese wine regions, one glass at a time.

Located above the Douro river with a breath-taking view from our terrace, how better can we honour the history of this region than by offering the finest table and Port wines from the Douro, as well as the special Vinho Verde from the Minho region to the North. You will of course also find an extensive selection of wines from all of Portugal’s other regions on our wine list. Each month, we organise a wine tasting dinner featuring a producer of the month. For this purpose, our chef invites a renowned Portuguese Chef - and together they create a unique menu accompanied by paired wines. We are happy to offer personalised wine tastings in our Sala Jorge Vale. Please inquire for reservations and prices.


About us

A gastronomic experience with a view.

When the commitment to flavours and fresh ingredients meets the desire to create something new, the result is Digby: A restaurant born out of the passion to celebrate the traditions of Portuguese cuisine, while at the same time adding a new twist. After all, Digby finds itself in an award-winning 5-star art boutique hotel – so everything is about the art of creation.

An elegant space designed to reflect the glamour of the 30’s, Digby features brown and gold tones in both the restaurant and the bar. The handmade Portuguese design furniture – mostly in wood, cork and velvet – invites you to make yourself comfortable and feel truly at home.


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Testimonials from our customers & friends

"Excelente ambiente, simpático, elegante acolhedor. A cozinha surpreende pelos sabores e apresentação dos pratos, chef acessível a opções de troca de elementos nos pratos. Atendimento espetacular e atencioso por parte dos empregados de mesa, a destacar a menina Marta: majestosa e profissional a servir, ser simpática e nós deixar a vontade devido ao nível requintado do menu e espaço. Adoramos"

"Comida muito boa, ambiente super agradável, com funcionários simpáticos. Um sítio que recomendo e voltarei definitivamente"

Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.